Metalbox Technology (MBT) is a primary partner of VMZINC, part of the worldwide Umicore group and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rolled zinc for use in construction. We supply and provide technical support for roofing, façade and heritage projects and can provide warranties for a wide selection of systems where materials are installed to manufacturer specification.

Façade systems include interlocking, overlapping, flatlock, composite and sine wave panels. Integrated solar collectors can also be installed within roofs to enhance energy efficiency and insulation performance. Zinc can form part of compact warm roof standing seam systems incorporating either Foamglas®, phenolic foam or rigid insulation.

VMZINC has developed innovative colours such as mid-grey Quartz-zinc®, dark grey (almost black) Anthra-zinc® and subtle shades of Pigmento® blue, red, green and brown.

Zinc has been used in construction for more than 150 years and is renowned for a design life which can exceed 100 years. It is most commonly used in modern day construction for roofing, facade and rainwater systems on buildings designed for high sustainability and has emerged as an architectural metal due to its low level of embodied energy.

Its widespread use in construction for over 150 years provides proof of the metal’s long design life and low maintenance requirements.

Zinc is now specified widely for internal use, predominantly in commercial environments to provide contemporary interiors for hotels, railway stations, airport terminals and hospitals as well as commercial and municipal buildings. We can also obtain Rheinzink materials.